Quill : Size L-Long

฿88,000.00 ฿57,200.00

Picture only 8″ x 20″ / Picture with Frame ~19″ x 31″
‘Quill’ the women holding quill represents beauty and being gentle like a soft feather. This ‘Quill’ painting is created as a part of the series with ‘Primrose’ by the well-known artist in Art Nouveau period, Alphonse Mucha. Mucha produced a flurry of paintings, as well as designs for jewelry, Mucha’s works frequently featured beautiful young women in flowing, vaguely Neoclassical-looking robes, often surrounded by lush flowers which sometimes formed halos behind their heads.
The outstanding works of the world-famous artists that are profound and beautiful, inspired us to create the fascinated images in GemsArt technique.
This GemsArt design is created with skillfully artistic craftsmanship, hand-made from natural gemstones, piece by piece, little by little until it becomes a fine & gorgeuos work of art & craft.


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