Kalachakra Mandala : Size 16 x 16

฿250,000.00 ฿162,500.00

Picture only 16″ x 16″ / Picture with Frame ~26″ x 26″
‘Kalachakra Mandala’ is one of the famous Tibetan Buddhism symbolic tantra, where ‘Kala’ means time and ‘chakra’ means cycle. It’s one of a very profound philosophy, and is considered as some of the most advanced & complex in Tibetan Buddhism. Kalachakra is rendered as a Thangka art, which parts of the symbolism in this work of art represent enlightened body, speech, mind, wisdom & great bliss along with much more complexity in other elements in this art.
With ‘faith’ that binds human’s mind to the belief to draw the prosperity in living lives & with the enchantment of art and culture, have inspired us to create the fascinated images in GemsArt technique.
This GemsArt design is created with skillfully artistic craftsmanship, hand-made from natural gemstones, piece by piece, little by little until it becomes a fine & gorgeuos work of art & craft.


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