Frequently Asked Questions

A1 : Yes, they are all made from real gemstones, the pieces-form are natural color, uncut gemstones, and the background is dyed-quartz-powder and dyed-calcite powder. Every square inch is made from gemstones. 
***We offer a certificate of guarantee for every single piece of artwork, indicating the kinds of gemstones used for each piece*** The samples of gemstones we use are certified by The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) or known as GIT. 

Please refer to the “Making Process” page : 

Step 1 : Line drawing (as the structure of the picture). 

Step 2 : Apply the line drawing onto the back of the glass (using silk-screen technique). 

Step 3 : Arrange/inlay the gems with glue, piece by piece, all by hand. 

Step 4 : Finish the picture with gems-powder (also with glue by spreading over the area.)

Step 5 : Leave until the picture is dry, turn it over, cover from dust with paper and framed.

A3 : It’s transparent plastic glue.

A4 : No, the gems won’t fall down, the glue is strong enough to hold under regular usage condition, under normal temperatures in different seasons in different parts of the world. The gems will fall downif we sink the picture in water, because the glue that we use; is water-base glue.

A5 : Yes, the glass will be broken, if it is dropped, however, in normal condition, if hanging process is well taken care of, there shouldn’t be any problem of falling down. For the mini Gems-Art jewelry pieces (pendant, ring, etc.), we make on crystal glass, not normal glass like the picture pieces, therefore, they are stronger and more durable, however, they are still fragile.

A6 : We can’t fix the broken glass, as the glass is the picture itself, but we can make a new one (with courtesy discount for our customer).

A7 : Longer than regular acrylic or oil paintings, as the materials that we use are real gemstones which lasts longer than any man-made materials, secondly, the plastic glue that we use; also lasts very long, at least 50 years. It is confirmed by our supplier that it can last longer than 100 years. Anyhow, as mentioned in earlier answers, the products are fragile, therefore, please take good care of them.

A8 : First of all, the materials themselves are expensive, especially some certain kinds like ruby, sapphire, amethyst, carnelian, opal, jade, etc. Secondly, they are all hand-made, which requires high skills in both art & craft areas. We are well-known in fine craftsmanship, with very delicate details, which takes longer time to finish.

A9 : Yes, we can do custom-made design and portrait, however, portrait will take very long time (can be as long as 2 – 3 months) and more expensive mainly because it’s only one or few pieces and it takes longer time than other normal designs.

A10 : Yes, different sizes are possible as long as there are pieces of glass available for particular sizes.

A11 : No, the color won’t change over time.



请参阅“制作过程”页 步骤1:



第3步: 安排/镶嵌用胶水,一块一块的,一片一片的宝石,全由手工制作。 

第4步: 完成图片与宝石粉。(由散布在该地区也有胶水)




会的,玻璃会破碎然而,如果它被丢弃,在正常情况下,如果挂过程是很好的照顾,不应该有倒下的任何问题。对于小宝石 – 艺术珠宝作品(吊坠,戒指等),我们就水晶玻璃,不是普通玻璃一样的图象部分,因此,它们是更强大和更耐用,但是,他们仍然脆弱。




可以,我们可以做定制设计和肖像,当然将花费很长的时间(可长达2 – 3个月)和更昂贵,主要是因为它只有一个或几件,它需要较长的时间比其他正常的设计